The Muse in music

Back when I was young, I drew. All the time. Like, to the point where sometimes I would forget to eat lunch. I planned to be an illustrator (until I realized how much I'd have to sell myself, and I was soooo shy.) Music was huge to me. Back then it was 50s and 60s oldies. Now its groups like Imagine Dragon, American Authors, A Firm Handshake (with Zack Sobiech), Sara Barellis, and Matt Nathanson. The soundtracks to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Individual songs like Avicci's Hey Brother, Bastille's Pompeii, and Katy Perry's Roar. And now it's writing, not drawing. This music kept me company as I hen-pecked my way through the pages of Thunder, and it supports me now, as I work my way through the edits. Lost to the passage of time, I am only aware of the lyrics in my ears and the words falling from my fingertips. Thunder, the book, was born to this beat. So, when you read any of the Thunder Story Series (yes, more are in the works), turn up some music and lose yourself in the rhythm of your own imagination.