The beauty of being recognized

No, I don't mean like you're famous and you keep getting stopped at the grocery store, even though you're wearing your super-expensive, dollar-store knock-off sunglasses. I don't even mean when you've done something pretty cool, and people are saying, "Well done." Nope. I mean it in the Avatar sense. The whole "I see you" deal. Let me back-track a little.

I'm a runner. A few days a week, I go to a local YMCA to run on the track, the other days I pull out the jogger stroller and the boys and I hit the pavement. But, this track ... twelve laps is a mile. I run seven miles. You do the math; the result is too hideous for my mind to dwell on. Anyway. I love running. It's my total zone-out refuge from reality. It's where half the scenes of Thunder were imagined. It's my "me" time. And it's where I get some of the greatest lessons ever. Today I was running, and a dear lady was being helped around the track for therapy exercise. As I'm coming around a straightaway (okay, the track is so small, even the straightaways are curved- but, whatever), and this lady turns around, looks me right in the eyes, waves at me, and smiles the most beautiful smile ever. And it was one of those moments, where I was allowed to "see" her back. I felt like she was saying, "Here, I have some love. You can have it--take it and do something with it. This is your opportunity."  I rounded the corner, and the moment was over.

But, it wasn't over--not really. This gift was inside of me and it made me think. If every day, we could just make that connection with one other person, whether it's a spouse, child, friend, or stranger on the track .... Just take a moment, and see each other. Make someone smile and feel alive inside of themselves. Make them feel worthwhile. Today I was recognized as a fellow human being on a journey. And I felt fantastic.

So, I'm challenging you. Get out there and recognize someone. Let them see who you are and share in that moment of joint self-worth. It could make the world beautiful.