Putting yourself out there

Slowly, I am beginning to realize that life is about risks. Whoa! That may not sound huge to some of you people out there, but I am more of a "sit back and watch other people do their thing" kind of gal. The kind who likes to cheer other people on and support the hopes, dreams, and ideas of the people around me. When it comes to myself? I'm a little mouse, a homebody, cozy in my own skin but a little wary of the harsh lights.

Not that I think there's a problem with that kind of life, because there absolutely is not. To paraphrase one of my most favorite YA book quotes from a book by Richard Paul Evans: "Some people are born to be the warriors. Others are born to pick up the pieces." My apologies if I butchered that, but it is so true. Some people have to be the champions of causes, movements, ideals; the protectors of humanity, of thoughts, of life. Some people have to say, "You can do this. I'll help get you through. I believe in you." I'm more comfortable in that role-- a supporter, a cleaner-upper, a holder-together-er.

But in writing, and in trying to essentially get people to buy my thoughts and words, selling myself to the world at large, and opening myself to criticism and such, I find myself expanding. Meeting the greatest people out there, finding people who actually are supporters of me and my efforts! Challenging me to be better, do better, write better. If it wasn't for opening myself to hear what I need to hear, I'd have a pretty narrow perspective on the things on which I need to improve.

It's a big step. It forces this mouse from its cozy little nest. Shines light on the cat's teeth and the bird's talons. But now I know I can face them. It will be okay. So maybe I'm not such a mouse anymore, maybe I'm bigger than that. Perhaps I'm more of a capybara. Kinda like a mouse, but massively huge. Yeah, I can take on the cats and birds. The risk is worth it.