Have Some Chocolate

Releasing a book to the world is reminiscent of standing on a stage and letting people come and strip you down. Okay, not that I’d know what it’s like to stand naked on a stage. But I have an imagination; it’s like that dream where you’re at school …. Yeah, that one. You know the one I mean. And you feel a little unprepared and a lot exposed.

THAT’S what releasing a book is.

As soon as it’s out there, people get to look at every bit of you and make judgments and comments. A book is part of a writer’s soul. Little pieces of their imagination, little bits of their history. Whether a book is fictional or not, the writer, in order to be any good, has to write herself into her work. It’s essential.

So what happens when you write a book that isn’t only a little slice of you, but is the whole gosh darn layered chocolate cake? You do a little hyperventilating. You may hold your breath altogether. And then you let it all go.

I just released FIVE WEEKS: A LIFETIME, a memoir about my infant son, Clinton. I know about letting go. And I’m doing it all over again. I want to let Clinton soar. I want his wisdom to cover the world in hope and love. I want people to be able to peer closely at me and my story, so they can stand in front of a mirror and look closely at their own. I want this so badly, it makes my eyes shine with tears and my heart do funny little things in my chest. As someone great and dear to me said, this isn’t a book; it’s a lifetime.

I’m here before you, baring it all, inviting you to come sit next to me. Take some time. Look deep.  Partake in my story and let yours shine.

And please, have a look now at Clinton’s tale. Available on Amazon. The whole darn chocolate cake.